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Seller Questions
Seller Questions

Are you interested in selling your own home? It is easier than you think with Bōde

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I want to sell my home. How do I get started?
What questions do agents ask home sellers?
Why are the measurements different than I thought?
Do I need an Real Property Report (RPR) when selling my home in Alberta?
Why should I sell my home with Bōde?
How do deposits work with Bōde for sellers?
How do I rearrange or delete the photos in my listing?
How do I start listing?
How do I get my home ready to sell?
How much does it cost to sell a home in the Greater Toronto Area?
What will happen if my home doesn't sell in the 90 day window?
I am ready to list my home - what is the first step?
What condo documents do I need as a seller?
How do I see a newly received offer on the Bōde platform?
Why can't I edit my listing?
Do I need the Real Property Report (RPR) for the completion of my home sale?
Should I continue to show my home after I have accepted a conditional offer?
What are Dower Rights?
How do I share my listing on Facebook?
Why have I received a showing request from an agent when my listing is conditionally sold?
How do I know if Bōde has received the deposit for the offer on my house?
How do I know how my listing is doing?
How do I list my home?
What is the maximum number of characters allowed for an MLS description?
How do I add a co-owner of my property to the listing?
Can I sell a small business that includes living quarters with Bōde?
Where do I upload the "Defects Disclosure" document when listing a home for sale?
How do I handle multiple offers?
I booked an appointment for photos and measurements but did not receive confirmation. What should I do?
Can I hold my own open house?
When listing with Bōde, is the professional photos and measurement part of the 1% service fee?
I am about to receive an offer from an agent. How does this process work?
Bōde Listing Agreement for Alberta Properties
Which social media platforms does Bōde use to advertise my home?
What are attached & unattached goods?
How do I book photos and measurements?
Bōde Listing Agreement for Bristish Columbia (BC) Properties
What does DOM stand for?
Can I add another person to my listing?
Is my basement included in my home's square footage?
What should I do if we need to change the conditions to the deal after it has been signed?
What is the square footage of my home?
What should I do if I need to make a change to the contract?
What are Material Latent Defects?
What should I do if the buyer needs more time to make a deposit?
What if the buyers re-negotiates after the inspection?
Do I have to tell other buyers that I have conditionally sold?
What if I get an offer after I have conditionally sold?
What should I do when I accept an offer?
How do I handle competing offers?
Why does my listing say "Under Review"?
Can I manage a listing on someone else's behalf?
What is Conveyancing?
Where can I get a lock box?
How do I pay Bōde?
How do I hand over the keys on possession day?
When does the 90-day listing agreement start?
How long does it take for my listing to go live?
Do you list vacant land and lots?
How do I calculate commissions?
How do I change or cancel my photos & measurements appointment?
How it works for sellers: Video Overview
How to list your home: Video Guidance
Should I list my home at a high price?
What should I do if an agent is acting inappropriately?
How to edit your listing on Bōde: Video Guidance
What is the Home Price Index (HPI)?
I already have an agent. Can I still list with Bōde at the same time?
How do showings work as a seller?
Can we use the same room measurements from when we bought the home?
Is there a fee to start listing?
Can I edit my listing?
How long does it take for the Days On Market to reset?
Will someone review my listing before it goes live?
How much do photos and measurements for my home cost?
Can I offer a buyer's agent commission?
Can you help me price my home?
How do I price my home?
Do I need photos and measurements for my listing?
When people are viewing our home without a realtor, who has liability when we list with Bōde?
What happens after a viewing of my home?
Who holds the deposit if I am listed with Bōde?
What happens when I receive an offer?
What if my home doesn't sell? How much do I owe?
How do I get photos and measurements?
What is an RPR and why do I need one?
Can I really trust Bōde?
Do I still need a lawyer?
Do I still need an agent?
What if I want to offer a buy-side commission?
I have hosted my first showing, now what?
What is a Real Property Report (RPR) and where do I get one?
How do I provide access to my home to an interested buyer?
What is the average number of showings to sell a home?
My home is on the market. What are the next steps?
Why do you need my ID as a seller?
How do you market my home?
What are the all-in costs to sell my home in Alberta?
How do I deal with buy-side agent commission?
What is the best way to determine the list price of my home?
How will people find my home?
Where will you list my home?
How do I sign the Listing Agreement?
Which parts of my listing can I change after it’s live?
What happens if I request changes to my live listing?
How do I edit my live listing?
I’ve started listing but I haven’t booked an appointment for photographs and measurements yet. What do I do?
How does listing work when there are multiple people on title?
Can I use information from the last time my home sold when I create my listing?
How does the listing work when there are multiple owners of the property?
What if my property type isn’t on the list?
I’m the Power of Attorney for a property. What do I do?
How does listing with Bōde work when the property is owned in a company name?
How can I write effective captions for my photos?
What is the difference between the Description and AdditionaI Information sections?
What if I change my mind about my sign selection?
What are my obligations as a seller with a listing on MLS?
Bōde Listing Agremeent for Ontario Properties
How do I cancel a showing?
What happens when an offer on my home expires?