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How do I list my home?
How do I list my home?

Find out the process required to list your home with Bōde as well as some of the benefits of working with us.

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We would love to help you sell your home!

There are a couple of easy steps to get started:

  1. Click here to learn about the selling process.

  2. When you access the listing flow, simply enter your address and click the “Next" button

  3. Continue to fill out information about your home. You may skip around sections and pages as you wish.

  4. When you have provided all of the mandatory data, submit your listing to the Bōde team for review.

Given you would like to get going quickly, we would recommend requesting your Photos and Measurements right away. Bōde covers the cost of this but it can take a couple of days to schedule a time.

Just so you know, we will list your home on as well as about 1000+ other listing sites and also digitally advertise your home. We charge 1% to a max of $10K and only when you sell, so no upfront cost at all. Our sellers save an average of 50% of commissions and make 1.3% more on the sale of their homes!

We have awesome humans behind the chat tool on all of our pages which is the fastest way to get responses to any questions you may have.

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