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What are attached & unattached goods?
What are attached & unattached goods?

What are specific examples of attached and unattached goods?

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Attached goods are the items you cannot remove from the property without causing damage OR that are physically fixed to the home / property in some way. These stay with the property unless there is a specific exclusion in either the listing or if removal is explicitly requested in the buyer's offer.

Examples of attached goods include:

  • water softener

  • kitchen cabinets

  • built-in appliances

  • garage door openers

Unattached goods are movable items. Sellers usually take these from the property upon leaving BUT there are times where unattached goods are included in the listing or are requested to be left behind in the buyer's offer.

Examples of unattached goods include:

  • furniture

  • area rugs

  • curtains

  • remotes used for attached items

  • movable shelving or kitchen islands

Attached goods are typically included with the property while unattached goods are not.

Prō Tip!

The attached goods are usually included. Unattached goods are usually excluded.

If you are the seller: list all unattached goods you intend to leave behind and ensure that you name any attached goods you intend to take. The buyer may accept or decline in their offer to purchase.

If you are the buyer: be sure to read the listing clearly so you are informed of what is being included and excluded. You can make a request for attached or unattached items to be left behind in your offer to purchase, the seller will have the option to accept or decline these inclusions and exclusions.

This will likely come up at the negotiation stage of your journey! Check out our Seller's or Buyer's Checklist to keep you right on track!

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