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Do I need photos and measurements for my listing?
Do I need photos and measurements for my listing?

Is it essential to get professional photos and measurements? Find out why and the process involved.

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It is important to get professional photos of your home (interior and exterior) to show off your beautiful home. RMS measurements are required by MLS, so it is compulsory to undergo this process.

The professional photos and measurements are included in Bōde's fee of 1% for people who list with us. The photos and measurements will be booked with one of our preferred Prōs. You can simply fill out the booking form when you start the listing process with us.

Get started now. The sooner the better!

In the meantime, don't hesitate to finish the rest of your listing so everything is ready to go when your photos arrive. It typically takes about 48 hours from the time that your photos are taken to when they are touched up and ready to go.

Your photos and measurements will be uploaded to your listing and we will let you know when you can review them, preview your listing and submit them back to us!

Our Seller's Checklist can be your trusted companion (along with us of course), so follow along and reach out via the chatbot if you have any questions or concerns.

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