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What should I do when I accept an offer?
What should I do when I accept an offer?

I have accepted an offer, now what?

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First off, congratulations!

This is such an exciting step. If you have accepted the offer using the Bōde platform, you will be all set, and our emails will support you through this process.

Just so you know, Bōde has a partnership with Deeded: a home closing platform that connects homeowners with specialised real estate lawyers. As a part of the selling service we provide you’re able to book a legal review of your offer free of charge. Book your appointment here if you have a pending offer you would like to discuss.

If you have not done so yet, let us know when you have decided to accept an offer. Whether accepting the offer online or emailing a copy to, this allows us to properly represent the status of your listing.

After accepting the offer, let us know your lawyer's contact details and we will put together the conveyancing documentation (paperwork for the lawyer). There are several representation options for you to consider. The specialist lawyers at Deeded are happy to support you, or you may choose from vetted legal Prōs in our Prō Marketplace. Equally, you may find a lawyer on your own if you wish.

Once again, congratulations!

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