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I’m the Power of Attorney for a property. What do I do?
I’m the Power of Attorney for a property. What do I do?

Can I list a home with Bōde where I hold the Power of Attorney? Which steps are required?

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The Bōde listing process enables individuals with Power of Attorney status for a property to sell on our platform. The process is straightforward:

  1. Create a draft listing and start entering the property details.

  2. When you get to the Ownership section, you may choose from different ownership scenarios.

  3. Choose 'I'm selling on behalf of someone else'.

  4. Fill in your own information regarding the seller details as you will be representing the listing.

  5. Next, choose 'Yes' in response to the question: 'I have or will have Power of Attorney for this property'.

  6. Download the Power of Attorney document.

    1. Note: This document may not be available in your location. If there is no ability to download a document when you arrive at this step, please get in touch with a lawyer to supply the appropriate document.

  7. Fill out the document and get it notarised.

  8. Upload the completed and notarised document in the designated section.

    1. Note: If you sourced your own document, please get it notarised and upload it in the designated location.

  9. Complete the remainder of the listing process and submit your listing.

  10. The Bōde Team will review the document along with your listing data and get in touch if they have any questions.

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