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Can I edit my listing?
Can I edit my listing?

Can I change my price? Add new photos? Yes... here is how!

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You are able to fully manage your listing yourself.

When you submit your listing to Bōde, we will check things over before posting it. During that time, you are unable to edit your listing. We will email you when it is live and you will be able to edit it again at that point.

To edit your listing go here:

You will see your listing cards like this and you can edit by clicking the pencil:

Or you can "View listing" from here and click the pencil:

Then you will be taken to the listing flow and you can edit what you would like and resubmit it to Bōde!

One last thing! Staying organized and on track can make selling your home as easy as a walk in the park. Check out our checklist designed specifically for seller's to help you along your journey.

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