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What are Material Latent Defects?
What are Material Latent Defects?

How do I know if my home has serious defects? What do I do if my home has serious defects?

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Material Latent Defects are issues with your home that you are aware of that are not generally identifiable by a potential buyer looking at the home.

When you are listing your home with Bōde, we ask you if you are aware of one of these defects. If you are aware of a serious issue with the home, we provide you with a document to fill out. It is also important to disclose to buyers before they make an offer that this defect exists by sharing the document with them.

Examples of material latent defects include:

  • A crack in the foundation

  • A hidden mould problem

  • Persistent flooding issues

  • Changes you have made to the home without permits

It is important to note that a Material Latent Defect does not exist if the issue has been fixed.

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