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How do showings work as a seller?
How do showings work as a seller?

How will buyers book a viewing of my home? How will agents book a showing?

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The short answer: However you would like! The details are available below.

Remember: it is up to you how you would like to handle the showing itself. If you would like to host the appointment or simply wait outside or at the coffee shop, it's your choice.

Here is the process for both self-represented buyers and Agents representing buyers:

  1. Interested parties will access your listing via the search page.

  2. Your listing has a section which shows the dates and times you selected for viewing when you created your listing. Remember: you can edit the dates / times you offer any time during the duration of your listing. Click on the pencil icon on your listing card in the My Listings page to do this.

  3. They will select a date / time that works for them and submit the request, which generates an email to you.

  4. Your email notification will contain the date and time requested as well as link to our calendar feature where you can accept, decline or request a different time from the buyer.

Alternatively, you may receive showing requests by email or text from the your phone number posted on the listing. Agents prefer to use the Showing Time app so you will also receive email notifications from that origin. Finally, the "Message Seller" button on your listing will generate an email to you if an interested party is trying to get in touch for any reason via that method.

Finding any of this information confusing? Don't hesitate to reach out to us via the chatbot.

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