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Can I add another person to my listing?
Can I add another person to my listing?

Add another party to my listing, ATH, PTH

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Yes you can... but they need to be a Title Holder in order to link your accounts together. In fact, in order to list your home for sale, you will need to add all of the parties on the title of the home.

Here are a few things to note when you add an Additional Title Holder (ATH) to a Bōde account:

  • ATHs can’t edit listings but they are able to preview the listing in progress.

  • ATHs must agree to T&Cs and are party to the Listing Agreement.

  • ALL titleholders must undergo ID verification prior to the listing going live (this is for your safety).

  • Don't worry all titleholders are notified about offers and showings.

  • You will all have access to the Listing Dashboard via My Listings.

  • It only takes one titleholder to accept or decline a showing request.

  • ALL titleholders must accept offers and sign the Purchase Agreement for successful completion of the transaction.

  • The Primary Titleholder (PTH) handles the Offer to Keys process of removing condition(s) if relevant

  1. The first step to adding an ATH (Additional Title Holder) to an existing listing is for the PTH (Primary Title Holder, the person who created the listing) to answer "yes" to the below question in the "ownership" section when setting up the listing. Here the PTH can add the full name and correct email address of the ATHs so that they can be successfully added to the listing. (You can do this as many times as you need)

2. Simply, click the "Notify All" button to send the ATH an email to get them all set up. The ATH must confirm receipt through the email that is sent to them to successfully be added to the listing as an ATH.

3. The ATH then MUST click on the "Get Started" button in order to be successfully linked to the PTH's account as an official ATH.

*clicking through this email is the only way to successfully add an ATH to a Bōde listing.

4. After clicking on this button, the ATH can create a new account or log in to an existing account.

If the ATH has not yet created an account and does so after receiving the above email the link will take them to the "Create a Bōde Account" page.

REMINDER: the email the ATH uses to set up their account must be the same as the email the PTH added to the listing. ID Verification will be required so the name and email address must match exactly.

Login page looks like this:

Create an account page looks like this:

If the ATH has already created an account, the link will take them to the "Login To Your Bōde Account" page.

The existing User login page looks like this:

5. After logging in or signing up, the ATH will be taken to the listing preview page where they need to check the Terms & Conditions acceptance box and click the ‘Accept’ button which activates with the box is checked. This listing will be shown in whatever state of completion it is currently in.

6. If the ATH has not yet gone through the ID verification process, they will be prompted to do so here:

7. Once all of the steps are complete, the PTH will receive an email letting them know that the ATH's ID has been verified.

8. Next the PTH will receive an email letting them know that the ATH has accepted the Terms & Conditions.

9. Once the PTH has officially accepted the Terms and Conditions, they will receive the below email:

10. Once the listing goes live, both the PTH and ATH will receive the below email.

Once it is official, the "Ownership" tab in the PTH account will look like this!

VOILA! You have successfully added an Additional Title Holder to your listing and both PTH & ATH will get all updates. The PTH is the only person who can edit the listing. Happy selling!

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