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Do you list vacant land and lots?
Do you list vacant land and lots?

Bōde's listing process adapts to every property type including vacant land. Find out how to list bare land below.

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Yes! Our listing process is designed to work for vacant land listings.

The process is straightforward:

  1. Access the listing flow via the Sell Your Home page:

  2. Enter your address and make sure you position the map pin in the spot where you would like your Bōde sign located.

  3. Select 'Vacant Land' among the options for property types.

  4. The data in the listing process will adjust to the specific criteria for land listings.

  5. Complete the mandatory data in the 5 sections.

  6. Submit your listing for review by the Bōde Team.

Our fee is 1% of the sale price up to a ceiling of $10K (only when you sell), and a 90 exclusive period would apply. You will follow the same listing process as with a home. Let us know if you have any questions via the chatbot.

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