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How do I edit my live listing?
How do I edit my live listing?

How do I make changes now that my listing is on the market? Where do I access my listing to make changes? Find the answers below.

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Once you have completed your listing and the Bōde Team has approved and published it, your listing is live on MLS (, the Bōde platform and dozens of other places.

If you wish to change parts of your listing when it's in a live state, you just need to follow these steps:

  1. Log into the platform

  2. Access the My Listings page

  3. Click on the pencil located on your listing card.

  4. The edit listing flow will be loaded on your screen. The fields available to change will be shown.

  5. Enter the new details and click on the "Request Changes" button.

  6. Confirm your changes in the modal. (If you are making multiple updates, please submit them in a group).

  7. The Bōde Team will receive the changes and get in touch if there are any questions.

One last thing! Staying organized and on track can make selling your home as easy as a walk in the park. Check out our checklist designed specifically for sellers to help you along your journey.

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