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Something to consider... almost 40% of all real estate transactions "fell through" in 2021. When there are conditions on a sale i.e., home inspection, the sale of another home etc. It is just the nature of things that there is a chance, things will not work out.

When you DO have an offer pending, you are more than welcome to show your home and accept "back-up offers", this offer would take precedent if and when the original offer timed out or the conditions were not removed by the agreed-upon date between buyer and seller.

Additionally, there is an industry expectation that with reasonable notice provided, if you continue to keep your listing live that you will accept and facilitate showing requests.

So! It is completely up to you if you want to remove your home from the market once you receive an offer or continue to show your home and consider accepting backup offers. If you choose to leave your home listed on MLS, there is an industry expectation that you will continue to show your home to potential buyers.

Just remember! Please notify Bōde of your conditional sale within 48 hours to ensure you are compliant with your realty board!

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