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What are the all-in costs to sell my home in Alberta?
What are the all-in costs to sell my home in Alberta?

Costs associated with selling homes in Alberta

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The fee to sell your home on Bōde is simply 1% of the sale price to a max of $10K. You will only be charged this fee if and when you sell your home.

Of course, we provide all the tools and data you may need to sell your home. Included in our service are the costs of Professional Photos and Measurements of your home, listing your home on +1,000s of other listing sites, and paid digital advertising of your home.

This combination of services has led to Bōde sellers selling for more money and saving thousands along the way as well as getting access to 13X the self-represented buyers.

Not only do our sellers save an average of almost 50% of the total commissions on the home but they also make more on the sale of their home.

What is not included?

Buy-side commissions are up to you. If you would like to offer a commission to agents bringing buyers to see your home that commission would be payable if your home sells to someone with an agent. That fee is up to you. Typically, in Alberta, that fee is 3.5% on the first $100K and 1.5% on the balance just to give you an idea.

Upon closing, as with virtually all real estate transactions, you will have a legal fee paid to the lawyer of your choice. If required, you may also need to order an updated or a new Real Property Report.

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