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What happens after a viewing of my home?
What happens after a viewing of my home?

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As a first step, consider messaging the prospective buyers to gather any feedback they have from their tour. Opening the dialogue also invites them to get clarifications they need to progress to the offer stage.

If the buyer elects to make an offer, this is the ensuing process:

Making an offer: The buyer clicks "Make an offer" on your listing and enters the details of their offer on your home. They will fill out their offer price, deposit amount, timelines and conditions (if any) before submitting it to you.

Receiving an offer: You will receive both an email to notify you that an offer on your property has been made, so keep a close eye on your inbox! The offer will be detailed in the "Offers" section of Bōde, where you can see all the information the buyer has entered. Bōde has made it simple and easy to accept, negotiate or counter the offer.

Countering an offer: If you would like to counter the offer, start by accepting the terms that you agree to, then you can counter on the terms you would like to amend. You can do this on a term-by-term basis, so it is clear to both parties where you have agreed and where you still require alignment. There is no limit to the number of counters from each party towards an agreement. Make sure that all the counters are made before their respective expiration periods.

Agreement: Once both parties have agreed, you will receive an email that will take you to the populated, industry-standard contract that reflects the terms of the offer from the previous step. This process is the same regardless of whether the buyer has an agent or if they are unrepresented.

If you receive an offer off-platform, you can encourage the other party to use Bōde as all the functionality is built-in for both parties creating a transparent, organized and efficient path to selling your home. This functionality is also there if an agent represents the buyer. If the buyer insists on a PDF or another offer off-platform, it would be prudent to read the agreement in detail to keep us in the loop via the chatbot.

Reminder: You will need a "Real Property Report" (RPR) for closing upon sale. If you don't have a current RPR please get in touch with the Bōde Team and we can refer an excellent RPR provider in your area. If you have a condo, you will need the condo documents instead of an RPR. You can find more information here.

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