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Where can I get a lock box?
Where can I get a lock box?

Should I use a lock box? What is a lock box?

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A lockbox is that fancy coded thingy that agents hang on a seller's door so you do not have to share your keys and your home can be accessed easily by showing agents.

You might consider getting one when you sell your own home using Bōde!

They can be quite helpful so they don't have to be present to provide access to showings.

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The one we typically recommend is:

The Master Lock Bluetooth - you can download the app and see when it has been opened.

If you decide to use a lockbox, you can let us know the code and we can share it through so that once you confirm a showing the realtor will have access to the code.

It would be up to you if you wanted to share it with buyers who book on Bōde without realtors.

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