Good question! Though the maximum for real estate boards varies (depending on the province, location etc.), the maximum character count is 1020. And yes, a space counts a one character!

Here are some tips based on listings that attracted a lot of viewings and sold quickly:

  1. Make your first sentence direct and to the point.
    For example: “You’ll love this elegant 2-story home with breathtaking views of downtown.”

  2. Have fun with it, but keep it factual.
    For example: “Even your tallest friends can hang out in the basement without bumping their heads!”

  3. Use enticing descriptors.
    For example: “stainless steel appliances,” “large contemporary kitchen,” or “custom walnut cabinets and quartz countertops.”

  4. Give potential buyers an idea of the area and highlight proximity to key destinations.
    For example: “20 minute drive to hiking trails” or “30 minutes from 5 world class ski resorts.”

    Need some inspiration?
    Click here to read examples of exceptionally written home descriptions.

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