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Can I offer a buyer's agent commission?
Can I offer a buyer's agent commission?

Yes, you can opt to offer a commission to the buyer's agent or not. Find out which avenue to choose below.

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Bōde sellers are welcome to offer a commission to a buyer’s agent in any amount of the seller’s choosing! Some things to consider…

One of the benefits of listing with Bōde is the savings for you as well as the buyer.

The average Bōde seller saves almost half of the total commissions.

So, how much (if any) should you offer?

When you sell with an agent, their goal is to attract other agents. When you sell ‘for-sale-by-owner’ you are only attracting self-represented buyers.

With Bōde you get the best of both worlds:

  • We market your home to self-represented buyers using advanced targeting, when they buy you pay zero buy-side commission.

  • We also market your home to agents, empowering you with the choice to determine your buy-side commission.

Bōde’s approach markets your home to the biggest possible audience. This gives you the best chance of selling for the highest price, while also paying the least amount of commission.


British Columbia & Ontario

While it is not an exact science, generally the closer you offer to the typical buy-side commission of 3.5%/1.5% in Alberta, 3.5%/1.25% in BC and 5%/5% in Ontario, the lower the probability agents steer their buyers away from your listing.

You can always negotiate the buy-side commission when you receive an offer from an agent. If the amount you agree to is different than what you are offering on MLS, it is important to get this in writing.

Pro Tip: If you choose a competitive commission at the time you list your home, you will find ultimate success. People with saved searches and agents will be notified of your home hitting the market so starting with a fair commission is your best bet.

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