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Who holds the deposit if I am listed with Bōde?
Who holds the deposit if I am listed with Bōde?
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If you are listed with Bōde and come to a conditional agreement, Bōde can hold the funds in trust on your behalf. If you made an agreement on our site, the banking information will be available as we walk you through the closing process.

If the deposit is being held by Bōde, please ensure that the buyer includes the buyer's name and the home's address in the memo.

If you have accepted an offer off-site (paper or DocuSign) then make sure to reach out to us at

You can upload your off-site offer in the section of your account that looks like this!

Wire Information to Bōde's Trust Account

Please wire your deposit to Bōde Platform Inc. using the information provided below by the time commitment specified in the offer.

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