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I am about to receive an offer from an agent. How does this process work?
I am about to receive an offer from an agent. How does this process work?

The details below will outline what to expect when a buyer's agent is going to send you an offer.

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We have built an online tool specifically for agents to submit offers to our sellers. This way, you will be guided through the closing process and have all the online information you need without tons of emails and phone calls.

The buyer's agent simply identifies themself as an agent at the start of the online offer process and then submits the offer on behalf of their client. You can let them know we use industry-standard contracts integrated with DocuSign and the experience enables them to fully support their clients the way they always do.

Bōde has a partnership with Deeded: a home closing platform that connects homeowners with specialised real estate lawyers. As a part of the selling service we provide you’re able to book a legal review of your offer free of charge. Book your appointment here if you have a pending offer you would like to discuss.

IMPORTANT: Let us know as soon as you accept any offer to ensure that your listing is properly represented on our platform and You can do this by engaging with the chatbot.

Also, check out our comprehensive Seller's Checklist. There is an entire section on negotiations worth reading.

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