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Do I still need an agent?
Do I still need an agent?

Does Bōde use realtors?

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The beauty of the Bōde marketplace is that it renders middlemen completely unnecessary. When you have all the tools and information at your fingertips, you have transparency and control over the transaction of one of your most significant assets.

From listing to managing views to receiving and negotiating offers to agreement and closing, the Bōde platform (backed by a team of experts) enbles the whole journey without need for the intervention of agents.

When you sell with Bōde, we post your listing on your behalf on MLS, Zillow and 100+ other listing sites. We also advertise your home. So, you get access to the best of both worlds. Your home will be advertised to both buyers with agents (on MLS) and self-represented buyers. Ultimately, you get to decide what is best for you. We charge 1% of the sold price to a ceiling of $10K, and only when you sell.

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