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How do I sign the Listing Agreement?
How do I sign the Listing Agreement?

How is the listing agreement generated and what is the signing process? The required steps are detailed below.

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The Listing Agreement with Bōde is integrated with the listing flow in a seamless way.

Here is the process to generate your Listing Agreement:

  1. Create a draft listing and fill out all the mandatory information.

  2. Submit your listing for review by the Bōde Team.

  3. Once you press the 'Submit Listing' button, your Listing Agreement will be emailed to you by DocuSign.

  4. Review the information, initial and sign the Listing Agreement. Note: If there have been any co-owners added to the listing, they will be emailed the Listing Agreement by DocuSign after you have initialed and signed it.

  5. Once all owners have signed the Listing Agreement, the Bōde Team will be notified and your listing will undergo the review process.

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