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Buyer Questions
Buyer Questions

Looking at buying a home yourself? Bōde is here to help!

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What condo documents do I need as a buyer in Alberta?
How do I make a counteroffer?
What agents could say to home buyers
Where can I get a Customer Acknowledgement and Fee Agreement Form?
When searching for homes on Bōde, how do I know when they are for sale by the homeowners or by an agent?
Why buy your own home with Bōde?
How do deposits work with Bōde for buyers?
How do I make an offer on a home listed by an agent?
How does it work when I want to make an offer on an MLS listing?
How do I see a property?
Wire transfer information for deposits
How do I, a self-represented buyer, connect directly with Bōde sellers?
Can you email me new listings I want to see?
How do I save my search?
Is it possible to see homes that are listed directly by the homeowner only?
What is a "Blind Offer"?
What if the agents don't respond to a viewing request?
What if I requested a viewing and have not heard back?
How do I browse listings?
How Bōde Works For Buyers: Video
How to buy a home using Bōde for free: Video
How to book a viewing: Video
How to make an offer to buy a home: Video
How do I send a wire to Bōde?
What if a selling realtor tells me I need an agent to view the home?
Do I need to sign a buyer's representation agreement to book a viewing?
How do I make my home search more specific?
How do I find homes for sale?
How do I view listings on Bōde?
How do I give my deposit?
Are buyer's agents or realtors free?
How to buy a home with Bōde: Video
How do I negotiate using Bōde?
Can you send me comparable homes?
How can I understand what is happening on the market?
Can I see the prices that homes sold for?
What is My Abōde?
The seller countered my offer, what happens now?
I am ready to make an offer on a Bōde listing... How do I do that?
What are some typical questions buyers might ask?
What is the contract Bōde uses? Can I trust it?
Why do you need my ID as a buyer?
Can Bōde support a deal where the other party has an agent?
Isn't the buyer's agent always free?
How do I find out when new houses come on the market that I might be interested in?
How do I negotiate using Bōde?
What should I do if my ID verification fails?
Do I need an agent to view a home?
What questions should I ask a home inspector?
Do you have any listings in my community?
How do I book a viewing on a Bōde listing?