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Buyer Questions
Buyer Questions

Looking at buying a home yourself? Bōde is here to help!

When searching for homes, how do I know when they are for sale by the homeowners or by an agent?
Where can I get a Customer Acknowledgement and Fee Agreement Form?
How much does it cost to buy a home in Toronto?
What condo documents do I need as a buyer in Alberta?
Why buy a home with Bōde?
How do deposits work with Bōde for buyers?
How do I see a property?
How do self-represented buyers connect directly with Bōde sellers?
Can you email me new listings of interest?
How do I save my search?
Is it possible to see homes that are listed directly by the homeowner only?
What if the agents don't respond to a viewing request?
What is a "Blind Offer"?
What if I requested a viewing and have not heard back?
How do I browse listings?
How do I send a wire to Bōde?
Do I need to sign a buyer's representation agreement to book a viewing?
What if a selling realtor tells me I need an agent to view the home?
How do I transfer my deposit?
Are buyer's agents or realtors free?
How can I understand what is happening on the market?
Can I see sold prices on homes?
What is My Abōde?
I am ready to make an offer on a Bōde listing. How do I do that?
What are some typical questions buyers might ask sellers?
What is the contract Bōde uses? Can I trust it?
Why do you need my ID as a buyer?
Can Bōde support a deal where the other party has an agent?
Isn't the buyer's agent always free?
Do I need an agent to view a home?
What questions should I ask a home inspector?
Do you have any listings in my community?
How do I book a viewing on a Bōde listing?
Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?
What is a Customer Acknowledgement Agreement?
Do you sell homes outside of Edmonton?
After I submit an offer, where do I find out the status?
Where can I find my draft offer?
How do the terms and conditions work in the offer process?
How do I progress through the offer process steps?
What happens when my offer expires?
How do I add another buyer to my offer?
How does the online offer negotiation process work?
How do I specify the offer price, conditions, and contingencies?
How long does the seller have to respond to my offer?
What are the steps involved in submitting an offer for a property in British Columbia?
What are the steps involved in submitting an offer for a property in Alberta?
What are the steps involved in submitting an offer for a property in Ontario?
How do I specify the deposit amount and deadline in my offer?
What goods are typically included or excluded in the offer details?
How are terms and conditions added to an offer?
What happens after I submit an offer in terms of notifications and responses?