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I am ready to make an offer on a Bōde listing. How do I do that?
I am ready to make an offer on a Bōde listing. How do I do that?

Ready to make a offer on a Bōde listing? Here is a step by step guide outlining the process.

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Now you can make an offer yourself - for free!

Step 1. Go to the Search page and find the Bōde listing you would like to make an offer on.

Step 2. Click "Make an offer" on the listing, which steps you through the process of making an offer to a Bōde seller.

Step 3. Fill out their offer price, deposit, inclusions, exclusions, terms, conditions etc. You will be able to start the clock on when how long you would like to make your offer valid.

Step 4. We highly recommend including a personal note for the seller, perhaps including your comparable references for your offer price.

Step 5. Submit your offer. This will send the offer to the seller or the seller's agent. You will have this offer for reference in your "Offers" page.

They will have to option to accept, counter or reject your offer. If and when you come to an agreement, the agreed-upon terms and conditions will auto-populate an industry-standard DocuSign agreement. Once all parties (title-holders) have signed, you have conditionally purchased a home!

If you want comparable home sales information, just head to our Comparables. This tool will arm you with the most similar homes that have sold (and what they have sold for) and what else is on the market so you can make a data-backed offer.

Of course, these are some step-by-step instructions for you, but please check out our Buyer's Checklist for guidance on all of the little details to follow!

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