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How do I browse listings?
How do I browse listings?

Searching for a new home and considering representing yourself in the transaction? Start the process by accessing our search page.

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Did you know that buyers can save 50-60% of their time by buying with Bōde?

To browse from all active listings simply go to, you can search all active listings which owned by self-represented sellers or builders. You have the ability to "Save Searches", as many as you'd like, and once there is a price reduction of a home you've saved or when a similar home hits the market you will be directly notified.

You can send a message, book a showing, and even make an offer directly from the listing page.

Depending on the location, we have up to 10 years worth of sold data accessible via our Sold Data tool. We also have a Market Data tool where you can search by community, city, property type, etc. to get a lens and understanding of the market. Finally, we also have a Comparbles tool where you simply type in the address and a few key features enabling the generation of a match score on comparable home. Click here to access these tools.

If you are searching homes, then you absolutely, positively have to check out our Buyer's Checklist! From starting your search to packing your things, there are so many great ideas and ways to stay organized.

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