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How do the terms and conditions work in the offer process?
How do the terms and conditions work in the offer process?

This is an overview of how the terms and conditions function in process of creating an offer.

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The offer feature includes a template to fill out all of the most commonly used buyer terms and conditions as well as the ability to add custom conditions if needed.

The most common conditions include:

  • Subject to financing

  • Subject to sale of buyer's property

  • Subject to inspection

  • Condo specific conditions (as relevant)

The most common terms include:

  • Repairs

  • Number of walkthroughs

  • The buyer agent's commission rate

Here is an overview of the process:

1. Load the listing page for the home on which you would like to make an offer:

2. All of the listing information relevant to the offer process is pre-populated in the offer flow. For example, items like the list price, preferred possession date, goods included & excluded and the buyer agent's commission offered (as applicable) are all present. You can choose to stick with the seller's preferences on each topic or you can change them as a part of your offer.

3. When you get to the terms and conditions step in the offer flow, you can choose which set of conditions and terms you would like to include (or submit an unconditional offer as you wish). In each case, you need to supply the date and time for waiving (or satisfying) the condition.

4. When you submit your offer, the other seller can counter the terms and conditions as they see fit. You will see what they have accepted or changed when they submit their counter offer. You will receive an email notification when this occurs.

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