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What are the steps involved in submitting an offer for a property in Alberta?
What are the steps involved in submitting an offer for a property in Alberta?

How does the online offer process work?

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In Alberta, the process for submitting an offer on the Bōde platform involves several key steps:

  1. Add Additional Buyers: The first step allows you to add information about any co-buyers involved in the purchase. This includes their names and contact details.

  2. Choose Offer Price and Deposit Amount: Here, you will specify the amount you are willing to offer for the property and the deposit amount you intend to put down. The deposit is typically a show of good faith to indicate your serious intent to purchase.

  3. Choose Deposit Deadline and Possession Day: This step requires you to select the deadline by which the deposit must be paid and the date on which you would like to take possession of the property.

  4. Choose Goods Included/Excluded: You need to detail which goods (e.g., appliances, fixtures) are included in the offer and which are excluded. This is crucial for clarity on what the seller is expected to leave behind.

  5. Add Terms and Conditions: You will add any specific terms and conditions that apply to your offer. This might include conditions like financing, inspection, or sale of your current home.

  6. Offer Summary: This step provides a summary of all the details entered so far. It allows you to review and ensure all information is accurate before final submission.

  7. Thank You Page: After submission, a thank you page confirms that your offer has been successfully submitted.

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