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Where can I get a Customer Acknowledgement and Fee Agreement Form?
Where can I get a Customer Acknowledgement and Fee Agreement Form?

How does this form work in the context of a home which is listed by an agent representing the seller? Find out below.

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What is a Customer Acknowledgement Agreement?

Bōde was built to connect buyers and sellers directly for the optimised home transaction experience. Of course, you might fall in love with a home that is represented by an agent. And, the best offer you get may come from a buyer that already has an agreement. In each of these situations, you should sign this agreement.

This agreement is one that should be sent to you by the agent to clarify how you will work together. Ultimately, it is to protect you and provide clarity in a sometimes murky situation.

Why should you sign it?

  • This is the document that outlines that you are representing yourself (and not double ending the deal).

  • It outlines the amount of money the agent receives (in the case where they are representing the buyer).

It is critical to sign this form if the commission you agree to is different than what you offered in your listing.

Make sure you read this over carefully and ensure that the commission reflected in this agreement is what you have negotiated before you sign it.

This form should come from the agent themselves.

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