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How do I book a viewing on a Bōde listing?
How do I book a viewing on a Bōde listing?
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You can book a viewing on a Bōde home by:

  1. Go to the top navigation and click "buy" then "find a home" it will take you to this search page .

  2. You can fill out the filters and/or move the map so that you see all the homes on the market that you are interested in.

3. Click "View Listing" on any home you are interested in viewing.

4. On the "Listing" page, you will find a lot of useful information. If you have an account with Bōde you will see some transaction data on the home. You can also "ask a question", "book a viewing" or "make an offer". These buttons take you directly to the seller if it is a Bōde Listing.

5. When you buy using Bōde, there is no cost to you as the buyer and also no cost to the seller. We have made the savings transparent in the listings pages:

6. It is always best to get approved for a mortgage before making an offer. Apply online in 15 mins here.

Did you know that Buyers can save 50-60% of their time by buying with Bōde?

What if the home is listed by an agent?

If you are looking to book a viewing on a home that is listed with an agent, we recommend reaching out directly to them using the number on the listing. It may take a couple of follow-ups.

For a streamlined and efficient viewing request, book a viewing with a Bōde seller!

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