We love self-represented buyers here at Bōde! To directly connect with a self-represented seller who has listed their home with Bōde, simply go to the listing page on our website!

You can also search properties by address here.

From each Bōde listing page, you can book a viewing or message the seller directly! Ta-da!

Step 1: You can click "Bōde Listings Only" - and you will see "Bōde Exclusive Listings"

Step 2: Find a home that you love and pick a time (preselected by the seller) and request a viewing in a couple of clicks.

Dead easy right?

Brace yourself for the ultimate buyer experience. When you buy directly from a Bōde seller you will get a modern, streamlined, and human experience. No agents are needed saving you both time and money and you don't need to second guess the motivations of the extra people in the transaction.

Learn more about buying - for free- using Bōde below!

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