This is the screen you will see when you tap the button in your email and log in using same email added to the listing.

If you are the Primary Title Holder (PTH), below is the process you will go through when adding an Additional Title Holder to your account:

In order to complete the submission of the listing, any ATHs will have had to approve the listing prior to this step.

When the PTH check the instructions box and taps the ‘Sign Agreement’ button, a notification will be triggered while DocuSign is loading.

Note: Bōde uses secure Docu-sign to sign and authenticate documents.

The page will then load the Listing Agreement in DocuSign with all relevant listing details pre-populated.

Once the PTH completes signing the document, the ATH(s) will be emailed the signed version of the Listing Agreement via DocuSign to add their signature. The PTH will be returned to the usual ‘successful submission’ page on after they are finished signing the Listing Agreement.

When all sellers have signed the Listing Agreement, they will all be emailed a final copy via DocuSign. Here is an example:


All sellers on the listing must sign the Listing Agreement before the submission is possible. If you trigger DocuSign but back out of the journey and don’t complete the process, you can go back to your listing, hit preview and begin the process again.

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