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I am about to receive an offer from an agent... How does this work?
I am about to receive an offer from an agent... How does this work?
Offer from agent. Accepting an offer
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We have built a tool specifically for agents to submit offers to our sellers and it is considerably better for you if the agent submits the offer on our platform. This way, you will be guided through the closing process and have all the online information you need.

The agent would simply identify themselves as an agent and submit the offer on behalf of their client. You can let them know we use "AREA" contracts (which are industry standard and DocuSign). They would fully support their clients the way they always do.

If you decide to agree to accept their offer off our platform, then please upload it by clicking "My Offers" then Offline Offer. This way we can manually support the close of the deal.

Reminder! Let us know as soon as you accept any offer to ensure that your listing is properly represented. To let us know or if the agent has any questions, feel free to have them reach out to us at

Check out our handy Seller's Checklist, there is an entire section on negotiations!

Here is the step by step instructions on how an agent would submit an offer on behalf of their clients:

Step 1. Go to the Search page and find the listing your client would like to make an offer on.

Step 2. Click “Make an offer” on your listing and identify yourself as an agent.

Step 3. Fill out the name of your clients to go on the title, their offer price, deposit, inclusions, exclusions, terms, conditions etc. You will be able to start the clock on when how long your clients would like to make your offer valid.

Step 4. Submit the offer. This will send the offer over to the seller. You will have this offer for reference in “My offers”.

They will have to option to accept, counter or reject your client's offer. If and when you come to an agreement, the agreed-upon terms and conditions will auto-populate an industry-standard AREA DocuSign agreement. Once all parties (title-holders) have signed, your clients have conditionally purchased a home!

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