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If I submit an offer online as an Agent, what happens next?
If I submit an offer online as an Agent, what happens next?

What is the process after offer submission for Agents?

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If you are representing a buyer and elect to create an offer online (this the Bōde seller's preferred method), here is what happens next:

  1. The seller gets an email notification that an offer has been made on their home.

  2. The seller accesses the offer summary (which includes all the details) on the platform.

  3. The seller accepts, rejects or counters the offer.

  4. As the agent handling the offer, you will receive an email notification about the choice the seller made.

  5. If the seller elects to counter the offer, all of the suggested changes to the deal will be highlighted for you to approve or decline during the negotiation process.

  6. Once a deal is agreed, the Bōde team will be notified and they will populate the industry-standard Purchase Agreement with the deal specifics.

  7. The Bōde Team will then email the contract to the sellers via DocuSign and then for you to approve as the Agent, followed by the buyers you are representing (their emails are captured during the offer creation process for this purpose).

If you have any questions or concerns, you can always reach out to the Bōde Team via the AI chat bot (Bōdie).

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