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Why are properties missing from sold data results?
Why are properties missing from sold data results?

Why am I unable to see some of the properties in my area that have recently sold?

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As a licensed brokerage, Bōde empowers users to make informed real estate decisions, leveling the playing field and revolutionizing the way real estate data is accessed and utilized.

Traditional real estate transactions have long operated in a shroud of opacity, leaving buyers and sellers with limited options beyond relying on agents and paying hefty commissions. Enter Bōde. By providing access to extensive transaction data, we are changing the game by offering a transparent and data-driven alternative.

However, challenges to data access and integrity remain an issue for the following reasons:

  • Despite being a licensed brokerage, we face restrictions in showing comprehensive, timely data in our tools.

    • Frustratingly, while agents can download and share data from broker platforms without limitations, we are not able to share the same data on our platform after ingesting the MLS data feeds.

      • Notable examples include restrictions imposed by all Alberta boards which limit data access to sold data in the past two years. There are no such impediments placed on agents.

      • RAE (the Greater Edmonton Board) hampers daily data refreshment by imposing stringent user requirements that we refuse to pass onto you (ex: forced regular password changes, mandatory phone number capture and ability to audit our user's actions as they see fit).

  • The data provided by MLS feeds is not standardized across boards and contains many inaccuracies.

    • Many realtors skip essential fields in property listings, leading to data gaps in various systems.

    • Approximately 40% of listings have address or property data issues resulting from human error and/or poor (or non-existent) validation set up on broker platforms.

Because providing transparent data is a critical part of the service we provide, we spend a lot of time and effort improving data integrity.

  • We standardize data terminology across boards so that our users can easily run the same analysis in different locations.

  • We correct non-fatal errors in the data we ingest to improve accuracy.

  • If the data is irrevocably compromised, we remove the listing so it does not impact the results shown in our data tools. This amounts to less than 5% of total data.

If you have any questions regarding what you're seeing (or not seeing) in our data tools, don't hesitate to reach out via the chatbot and we are happy to provide you with clarifications.

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