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What agents could say to home buyers
What agents could say to home buyers
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You already know what home you are looking for and now technology (and Bōde) has enabled you to find it.

We have also created the transparent data and tools you need to actually purchase a home for free.

When you are buying a home yourself, you are likely to encounter agents along the way. We have created a resource to arm you with the (honest) answers to things agents may say to you when you are buying a home yourself.

Have you are being told you can't see a home without an agent, can you imagine being the home seller who is paying for that service? Turning away potential buyers because the agent would rather deal with other agents?

This is just one of the many reasons Bōde is a great solution when you are selling your home - you will receive every lead and you never have to second guess your motivation.

If you have had this experience, please rate the agent as this is an illegal practice in real estate.

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