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I am interested in becoming a Bōde Prō
I am interested in becoming a Bōde Prō

Offering services that help homeowners?

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We greatly appreciate your interest in working with us!

As you may know, a Bōde Prō is a local service provider that offers exceptional quality and value. Our Prōs can support each step of the home buying, selling experience and beyond! We take great pride in our partnerships. We are currently operating in Alberta and British Columbia.

The Prō Marketplace offers a range of services including Home Inspection, Legal Services, Mortgages, Measurements, Photography, and Staging. We are always looking to expand our Prō team with the best home professionals for any services that help homeowners.

If you would like to become a part of our Prō Marketplace, please email your information, including the services you offer, to or click the link below to apply!

Be a Prō

The Prō Marketplace has over 96 Prōs in over 30 categories for everything you need to buy or sell your own home.

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