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How do I counter an offer?
How do I counter an offer?
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Bōde marketplace was built to streamline and provide clarity in the negotiation process.

The buyer fills out a simple web form that covers all the elements of the offer and submits the offer directly to you.

When the offer is received - You will have full transparency on all offers and can accept, counter, or decline the offer.

Countering the offer - Now, you are empowered to accept, reject, or counter each of the terms of the offer to be clear and reduce the back and forth. This way you can let the buyer know which elements of the offer are acceptable and which you are negotiating on.

Agreement - Once both parties come to an agreement, the terms populate a Sales Agreement that meets all industry regulations and all parties accept in DocuSign.

Here is a detailed checklist so you are certain you don't miss a thing!

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