How exciting! You are making an offer via Bōde on the property you have found and love! Here is what to expect throughout the offer process.

Step 1. You have completed an offer on an MLS listing!

2. When (you) the buyer submits the offer, you will move to Docusign on the same page for fully protected access and exchange of the purchase agreement.

3. You are then shown the Purchase Agreement including all details.

4A. Once you have completed initialing and signing the Purchase Agreement you will be shown a confirmation page that looks like this!

Important! All the buyer(s) involved in the offer are sent this email:
Subject line: We have received your offer!

4B. When there are multiple buyers things are just slightly different!

If the buyer creating the offer (Buyer One) has added another buyer (Buyer Two) to the offer, they will receive the Purchase Agreement in DocuSign with Buyer One’s initials and signatures.

Both buyers need to complete initialing and signing the document before it can be sent to the agent representing the MLS listing.

The offer stays in ‘Draft’ status until all buyers have completed signing, this is for the protection of all parties.

4C. If you are getting excited and want to remind the other buyer to sign the agreement, you can do that! On the "offer page" just tap the blue button that says "Send Reminder".

4D. This sends a reminder email to all buyers that you are waiting on.

Subject line: Reminder: please sign your offer made on [address]

5. Once all the buyer(s) sign the offer in DocuSign, you can expect:

  • All buyer(s) get a completed copy of the offer in DocuSign

  • All buyer(s) get this email notification

This email means that your offer has been officially submitted to the listing agent!

  • Subject line: The agent has received your offer!

Next step for you is to wait on the edge of your seat! This is what is happening while you are doing that.

  • The agent gets the completed Purchase Agreement in DocuSign

  • The agent receives an email notifying them of your offer that looks like this:

Subject line: You have received an offer on one of your listings!

If you have other questions about the offer process or need additional assistance, we are always here and ready to help! Happy home buying!

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