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How do I get started with Bōde?
How do I get started with Bōde?

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We are so excited that you want to get started. The most important thing to know about creating an account is that you have to choose one way and stick to it! If you choose to sign up with Google or Facebook, all future changes to access and passwords will be done through the respective account. If you intend to change passwords and make updates via Bōde, you will want to sign up with your email address only.

To get started go to the top right-hand page of and click "sign up".

It will bring you the create an account page where you will decide to sign up via your email address or through an account you already have with Google or Facebook. This example demonstrates signing up with an email address.

Once you enter your details and choose a password, you will be sent an email with a verification code that you must enter into this page.

Once you have verified your email address through the email sent to the address provided you are good to go!

Once you are set up, be sure to check out our checklists based on who you are!

Did you know that 30% of homes sold with Bōde, sell to a Bōde buyer?

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