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How do I save money when I buy using Bōde?
How do I save money when I buy using Bōde?

Why is working with Bōde better than traditional options?

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There is a common misconception that buyer agents are free. This is simply not the case. Buyer's agents typically get paid by the seller.

When you buy using Bōde, it is actually free - this means the buyer doesn't pay Bōde anything and the seller does not pay anything for the buyer's services.

We make the typical buyer's agent fee obvious on our listing pages:

When you make an offer using Bōde, you could offer:

List Price - "Typical buy-side Realtor" = Same as an offer "at list".

As you can imagine, sellers are happy to not spend money on a buy-side agent as it means significant savings for them and you! Our buyers are able to negotiate prices that do not contemplate commissions on the buy-side.

Buyers can also save 50-60% of their time by buying with Bōde!

We have also created a Commission Calculator to make this topic simple and clear!

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