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I'm done my part! When will my listing be live?
I'm done my part! When will my listing be live?
My listing information is complete, photos are uploaded, I have hit submit!
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You did it! How do you feel? Empowered we hope!

"When you "submit" your listing, it will be sent to Bōde for review. Once approved, it will go live right away on Bōde and typically takes about 2 business days to post your listing on MLS and 100+ other listing sites. From here, Our Customer Success Team will be in touch!

Be sure to check out our handy Seller's Checklist for tips and great information you may find useful now that you are done setting up your listing!

Once your listing goes live...

  • The 90 day listing agreement starts.

  • We start digitally advertising your home

  • We schedule a sign installation.

  • Buyers can start to book showings!

  • The fun continues!

Get your listing the most views

  • Share – It is time to shout it from the rooftops! We see 1,000s of extra views on listings people share on their own social media. Simply copy the URL of your listing into a Facebook post to let your network know your amazing home is for sale. When your friends comment and like or share – it will amplify your post’s success.

  • Community Association Page – Most communities have a community association Facebook page, this is a great place to post your listing.

  • Community buy and sell – If your neighbourhood has a buy and sell page this is also a great place to post your home’s link.

  • You can also see us post about your listing on our pages and share our content directly from here:

  • Your Listing Dashboard will house all your stats so you can see how much traffic you are getting to your listing! Have we mentioned we love data?

Prepare your home for showings

At this stage, it’s all about making your home show worthy! Go over and above to show the attention you’ve given it and the pride you have for it. Make it stand out and get noticed!

  • Freshin’ up your abōde – First thing’s first – cleanliness. Beyond the obvious mopping and dusting, you may also consider having your windows and carpets cleaned. And don’t forget, it’s not just what’s on the inside that counts… don’t neglect the outside. No matter the season, ensure your landscaping is well-groomed.

  • Declutter – Wherever possible, channel your inner “Marie Kondo” and reduce the amount of “stuff” in your home. Too many “things” make a home look and feel smaller. Look at this as an opportunity to purge anything that doesn’t “spark joy” and an opportunity to get a head-start on packing!

  • Depersonalize – The goal here is for the buyer to envision themselves at home when coming for a viewing.

  • Lock up valuables – It’s always a good idea to lock up or remove your valuable items (e.g. jewellery, watches, passports, cash, and your inherited candlesticks).

Need some help staging or cleaning your home for showings? We have prōs that can help!

How to facilitate the ultimate showing

The average number of showings per sale is about ten, but of course, that’s not our goal, we aim for less. Some homes sell after the first viewing, others can take a few, but whether one or a few, they’re coming!

Here are a few tips on how to facilitate showings:

  • Receiving a request: You will get both an email as well as an alert on our website when someone submits a viewing request. The email you receive will have a link that will take you directly to the request where you will be able to confirm the viewing time.

  • Editing Viewing Times: The viewing times which the buyer can select are the ones you hand-picked when you created your listing. Anytime you need to update these times, you can do so by editing your listing at your convenience.

  • Home Access: Once you have accepted and confirmed the viewing, you will have the ability to message the potential buyer directly on the platform. You can do so by clicking on the messaging bubble beside their name. This is also where you can provide home access instructions.

  • Access is up to you! Some of our buyers prefer to be present and personally tour around potential buyers. Others choose to purchase a lockbox and simply update the code per viewing. If you have a virtual security system, you can control access directly from your smartphone. The option is yours!

When you list with Bōde, you are 13 times more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer!

Take extra precaution about COVID with this handy information.

Be ready for questions

Questions = Interest! Interested buyers are likely to have questions for you which will be communicated through the messaging tool on the Bōde website. You can go to your messages here.

We’d also like to provide you with a document that outlines common agent questions so that you have all the information you need to deal with buyers as well as buyers with agents.


Upon sale, you will need a “Real Property Report” for closing. Most likely it is in that dusty file cabinet along with your other mortgage documents. If you don’t have a current RPR, simply reach out to us at and we can refer a highly valued RPR Provider in your area!

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