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What is an "offline" offer?
What is an "offline" offer?

What characterizes an "offline" offer? How does the offer process change with this offer type?

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An offline offer is when you receive an offer from an agent or buyer in the form of a PDF or details written out in an email.

As a seller, you can encourage buyers to submit an offer using the Bōde platform by clicking the "Make an Offer" button on your listing page on Bōde. There are many benefits to receiving your offer this way:

  • You will be able to easilt negotiate on a term by term basis online

  • Industry standard contract will be populated with your agreed deal.

  • You will can access a page outlining the specific closing steps and timeline for you sale online.

Whether you receive your offer online or offline we facilitate legal advice should you want it. Bōde has a partnership with Deeded: a home closing platform that connects homeowners with specialised real estate lawyers. As a part of the selling service we provide, you’re able to book a legal review of your offer free of charge. Book your appointment here. Want to learn more about how Deeded can give you peace of mind about your home sale? Read about the company here.

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