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How much does it cost?
How much does it cost?
Free For Buyers, 1% fee for sellers only if the home sells.
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You take the power of buying or selling your home into your own hands with Bōde.

Selling - We charge 1%, of the sales price to a ceiling of $10K and only when our sellers have successfully sold. There are no upfront fees or fees along the way. This fee is paid when the lawyers disperse funds at the very end.

Buying - Free - We collect 0%, using Bōde to buy is always free!

We have created a checklist for both Buyer's & Seller's that provides links, tips and a way to stay on track. Check them out! Whether you are buying or selling, these checklists will ensure smooth sailing!

It is important to also consider the other costs that accompany buying and selling homes. Check out this article to prepare yourself for what to expect!

How Much Does It Cost To Sell A Home In Alberta? Blog Post

Did you know that the average Bōde seller saves almost half of the total commissions?

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