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How is Bōde different from other For Sale By Owners (FSBO) options?
How is Bōde different from other For Sale By Owners (FSBO) options?

How are you different? What can I expect? Find out the details below from perspective of both buyers and seller.

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We are so glad you asked!
Bōde is a modern digital way for you to buy or sell your own home. Now you have control over the transaction and transparency in the process and value of your most significant asset. When you sell your home with Bōde, your home will be listed on (MLS) +100s more listing sites and save lots of your time and money!

Here are a few ways that we provide a modernized home buying and selling experience.

1. There are no upfront or hidden fees to list using our marketplace.

2. We collect a 1% service fee from sellers, only when they have successfully sold.

3. Buyers pay nothing.

4. We provide sellers with the tools, information and support to go through the entire process and transaction online, from creating a listing to exchanging keys and everything in between.

5. We list homes on (MLS), Zillow, and over 30 other listing sites. We put valuable resources behind digitally advertising each specific listing on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

6. We ensure all Bōde listings get maximum exposure in front of the most interested buyers. Buyers can search all active listings across Alberta on our site "ask a question", "book a showing", and even "make an offer" with a click directly from the listing page.

7. We make market data and sold data transparently on our site for buyers and sellers so they can confidently set the price of their home, and make "data-backed" intelligent offers.

9. We have a comparables tool to generate your own match score by simply entering your address and some key features of your home.

Check out some of our tools!

Did you know that 30% of homes sold with Bōde sell to a Bōde buyer?

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