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What is a hold over period?
What is a hold over period?

Hold over period, Need to knows, do's and don'ts, Can I list my home immediately after my listing expires with a Real Estate Agent?

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This is an important question if you plan to list with Bōde immediately after your listing has expired with a Real Estate Agent.

The holdover period is a defined amount time following the expiration of a listing agreement during which the listing brokerage would be entitled to a commission if the property were sold to someone who was introduced to it while it was listed.

There are a lot of terms in Real Estate that we all have questions about.

Be sure to look at your contract for the "hold over period" section that will outline the number of days after the contract expires that your Real Estate Agent is entitled to commission and how much. If you cannot find it, be sure to ask The Agent before re-listing or selling your home.

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