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How does Bōde protect my personal data?
How does Bōde protect my personal data?
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Worried about your personal information online? We hear you!

We totally understand the hesitancy to provide your personal information online. Security is very important to us too. In order to identify our sellers (so that we know that they are legally able to sell the home and so we know they are who they say they are) we conduct an ID verification. This process includes providing a government-issued ID and photo of the seller.

In order to protect everyone, we use a third-party service Veriff to conduct this verification. Bōde doesn't have or save your government ID. This is a similar service that AirBnB provides. To learn more about the privacy policy of this service here.

Bōde takes the privacy of homeowners information we have very seriously. We have a comprehensive privacy policy and terms of service we encourage you to review.

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