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How do I submit my listing?
How do I submit my listing?
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Did you know that homes listed on Bōde are 9% more likely to sell than market average?

When you have fully filled out the listing flow with the details of your home, you can "Preview" your listing.

You will see how your beautiful listing will look. Take a peek just to make sure everything looks right to you!

At the top of the page and click the little square box that indicates you understand how to submit.

Click "Sign Agreements" and wait a moment while DocuSign loads. You will be prompted where to digitally sign and submit!

Then it is over to us to check things over. We will notify you when your listing is live on our site and MLS (it takes about 2 business days)! The listing agreement includes a 90-day listing agreement and the fee of 1% of the sale price when you close.

You did it! You listed your own home!

May we also suggest checking out our handy Seller's checklist to help you access information easily and stay organized throughout the entirety of your journey.

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