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Do I have to pay the buyer's realtors?
Do I have to pay the buyer's realtors?
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It is up to the seller if you want to offer a buy-side commission. One of the benefits of listing with Bōde is the savings for you as well as the buyer.

Well over 90% of buyers find their future homes digitally and we believe that the buyer knows what they are looking for better than any middleman could. Bōde will market your home so that buyers who are looking for a home like yours will see your listing. If the buyer is under a "Buyer Brokerage Agreement" the buyer will have to discuss directly with their agent if and how the agent will be compensated.

When you list your home with Bōde, this question will be asked as you are listing. So it is totally up to you! If you do decide to offer a commission, this field is only visible to agents in MLS.

The typical buy-side commission is 3.5% on the first $100K and 1.5% on the balance.

We have built a handy commission tool so you can see exactly how much you would save using Bōde.

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