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How many listings do you have... can I trust you?
How many listings do you have... can I trust you?
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Bōde has had over 100 listings over the last year which places us in the top 10% of brokerages in Alberta. This number changes daily as we have new listers all the time. We have also facilitated many buyers in finding their dream home.

Bōde's model allows homeowners to be empowered to take the reins on their home sale. We provide you with the tools and information you need to sell your own home and save. Selling with Bōde saves our sellers a lot of time as we have the technology to simplify the home selling process and reduce the back and forth admin. Our sellers save about 60% of their time and tens of thousands of dollars.

The average realtor has only 1 or 2 listings for sale at any point in time. The top 10 realtors might have 20-30 at once, but many of those realtors require the other realtors in their team to list under their name (to boost their numbers).

The biggest builders in the province (Brookfield, Daytona, Trico, and 20+ others) also trust us to list their homes.

30% of homes sold with Bōde, sell to a Bōde buyer.

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