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How is Bōde's model different?
How is Bōde's model different?
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Bōde differs in that there are no upfront nor hidden fees to list using our marketplace. We collect the 1% service fee from sellers, only when they've successfully sold. Buyers pay nothing. We provide sellers with the tools and information to go through the entire process and transaction all online, from creating their listing, to scheduling showings, messaging directly with interested buyers, negotiating, contract generation, all the way to exchanging keys.

The control is in your hands.

Once your listing is submitted, reviewed, and goes live, not only are you listed on Bōde, but we also list your home on, Zillow, and over 100 + other listing sites. We also put money behind digitally advertising your specific listing on Google Facebook and Instagram ensuring it gets the most exposure and in front of the most interested buyers. Buyers can ask questions, book a showing and even make an offer directly from your listing page.

We have made market data and sold data transparently available to all on our site for buyers and sellers to use to confidently set the price of their home, and make a data-backed offer. We also have a comparables tool to generate your own match score by simply entering in your address and some key features of your home.

In terms of offering agent commissions to a represented buyer, this is completely up to Bōde sellers and it will be visible to realtors only on Some of our sellers choose to offer a commission and others do not. If you choose to offer a commission, the traditional buy-side commission is 3.5% on the first $100,000 and 1.5% on the balance of the final sale price. We've had sellers choose to offer that, or their own unique percentage structure. We also have had some sellers choose to offer a flat commission. Here's some more information on commissions if you'd like, click here.

To date, about 20% of deals done on Bōde have included unrepresented buyers, and we have continued to see an increase in unrepresented buyers using the platform to search, listings, message sellers, book showings on Bōde listings. We have all active listings across Alberta on our platform.

If you list with Bōde, you are 13 times more likely to sell to a self-represented buyer.

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